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We focus on several discipline to give you a competitive advantage.

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Ideation & Innovation

Our AI-based solutions allow you to connect your existing platforms and applications before committing to a full investment in the technology in order to see the difference they can deliver for your business. Once the commitment is made, we can further design and implement or high-tech solutions based on your company’s specific needs.

Branding & Marketing

Perception is a reality. If your company’s look and feel do not live up to its services, you can be sure you’re missing out on all sorts of opportunities. Our incredibly talented team of designers has what it takes to create large-scale branding projects from a new logo and design language to general print collateral and User Interface (UI) designs for custom online applications.

App Development

We offer intelligent, web-based applications from simple business automation to machine learning (ML), accounting, finance, HR, health, and supplychain systems that save time, require less or no manual interaction and offer a much greater percentage of accuracy. With over 2 decades of experience and our worldwide clientele you can trust us with your project.

Analytics & Insights

Get a clear, top-down view of your most important stats and insights that offers, multi-layered way of looking at your business. Find out exactly how many visitors your site, app, or page receives, along with how long they engage with each page. Stay on top of your competition by always knowing what they’re up to and when they launch new online offerings.

Featured Projects

Everything we create is a product of a close, two-way partnership. We take the time to understand your business and then we work together to build out only what is truly needed to transform your business.

Happy Clients

Along with building world-class solutions we build long term business relations. Most of our clients are with us for over a decade. Their trust is what pushes us to keep innovating and improving our product and service offerings. Don't just take our word see what our clients say about us.

We’ve developed a few projects from start to finish and they stepped in to bring ideas and supplemental design work on projects already in development. They are great collaborators and are always ready to jump into challenging projects.

Gonzo Schexnayder Director Product & Strategy, Crain

Ex-Dimension worked very closely with us on multiple projects. They gave us exactly what we wanted, while thinking creatively out-of-the-box. They are talented and a very friendly and responsive group of people to work with.

Ziad Masri Co-founder, OpenTrader

Ex-Dimension has done wonders for our company. I have worked with them for almost 14 years now. They are always resourceful and a delight to work with. I recommend them highly as a very valuable creative resource.

Jeff Corbett President, Corb7 International
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